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A Farewell to Kobe Bryant & KB20 Custom Hat Inspiration!

A Farewell to Kobe Bryant & KB20 Custom Hat Inspiration!

You may have heard the news that broke millions of basketball fanatics’ hearts this past week; the legendary Los Angeles basketball star with 32,753 career points, Kobe Bryant, is retiring after his current 20th season. He announced the detrimental news during a Lakers vs. Trail Blazers game last Saturday to his couch who was shocked the entire remaining time of the game. The Los Angeles times describes Kobe Bryant as a “rare blend of brilliant basketball talent, unswerving dedication, relentless hard work, passionate preparation, and a coldblooded killer instinct”.

That means that this 2015-16 basketball season will be a Hall of Fame icon’s last basketball season, therefore fans will be more spirited and rowdy than ever. Kobe Bryant merchandise will fill the stands and sell out soon enough. Bryant’s legacy will live on, and so will his perfect promotional-custom hats.

The five pictured hats are being sold online at Kobe Bryant’s website; each hat has it’s unique design and logo. Three are flat-brimmed and two are classic baseballs caps. All hats have the same seasonal logo: KB20.

Want a hat like this for your brand? We’ll get as creative as you want for your next promotional hat; let us know and we’ll start brainstorming now!


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