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Custom Headwear NYC’s #TrendReport: the bucket hat!

Custom Headwear NYC’s #TrendReport: the bucket hat!

Only a select few could pull off the ever so controversial bucket hat. From a time when the bucket hat used to protect the skin of soldiers fighting in the heat of the desert, to the time where Big Bank Hank featured the hat in his music video, bucket hats have made their reappearance throughout history more than once. Now the time is back, and people are bringing out the bucket hat for winter, with or without that fur lining for warmth. Not a lot of people wear these hats because of Rihanna’s unspoken standard of swag for the hat. However, we think anyone can pull this off as long as they try. Captiv8 will not only work with your company to customize the ultimate trendy hat, but to also design it so that it appeals to a large range of people. Your company will be known as the company that took on a major trend and spiced it up to originality! #BeOriginal


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