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Custom Headwear NYC’s #TrendReport: the wide-brimmed hat!

Custom Headwear NYC’s #TrendReport: the wide-brimmed hat!

Whoever said wide-brimmed hats are for beaches only obviously had no fashion direction. We love wide-brimmed hats especially due to their year-round use. Go for the wide-brimmed hat to perfect that bohemian-hippie inspired look that we’ve all been trying to master over the years. Many of these wide-brimmed hats come in different styles, materials, and have select types of brims. For instance, you can sport the fedora or a floppy-styled brim. You can even pair this super stylish hat with a basic and simple outfit to make you look like a fashion icon. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Beyonce have all been seen rocking these super trendy hats in the winter.

Custom Headwear NYC loves the wide-brimmed hat and if you think this is the kind of hat for your and/or your company, let us know and we’ll brainstorm together to create the ultimate promotional yet trendy product!


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