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Those Ikea Bags Are Now Transforming Into Hats!

Those Ikea Bags Are Now Transforming Into Hats!

Promo Marketing: “Would you wear a bag on your head as a fashion statement? We probably wouldn’t, either. But that hasn’t stopped people from wearing those blue Ikea bags as hats. No, they’re not just sticking them on their heads. Streetwear companies Pleasures and Chinatown Market transformed the bags into fitted caps, and are selling them for $38, according to Time.



Everybody loves those Ikea bags, it seems. First, they were in high demand for shoppers, then fancy lifestyle brands were imitating them (albeit with hefty price tags).

There’s no word yet on how Ikea feels about this, but it will be interesting to see, since the hats are made from a 99 cent bag and sold for almost $40.

What is it about these Ikea bags that make them so special? Is it the particular shade of blue? The crinkly feel? Is it the bright yellow wording? Or is it the sense memory of smelling hot dogs and meatballs while shopping for furniture with goofy names?”


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