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“Make America Great Again” Caps: Made in America Controversy

“Make America Great Again” Caps: Made in America Controversy

You may have seen them around social media or social gatherings, and know that almost 90% of the time they’re worn as a joke, but we introduce to you the ever-so popular “Make America Great Again” hat designed for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The classic rope white hat with the Make America Great Again! logo on the front, sported by Donald Trump himself, is going viral for two reasons: one, it is in fact a great hat for promotional purposes (strictly promotional purposes) and two, there has been major controversy regarding whether or not the patriotic hat is made in America.

Recently, someone tweeted a picture of their “Make America Great Again” cap with a Made in China label. It was a major OMG moment for the politician and his campaign, since it kind of does go against all of Trump’s political beliefs that some may call racist towards anyone not American, to say the least. However, after a “Trump investigation”, it turns out the hat was a knock off made in China. However, it was a shocking turnout due to that time Trump was holding onto the claim that the Chinese were taking American manufacturing jobs while he was selling his suits and ties at Macy’s, all made in China. His only response then was “it’s very hard to get product that’s not made in China”.

Captiv8 loves the hat Trump chose for his campaign because of the unique rope lining and bold logo/statement front and center of the cap. The hat is made in the USA and is retail quality head-wear, so whether you want to get your very own “Make America Great Again” cap or your own cap with a similar design, we’re on it! We assure you that your hat has the potential to be as popular as Trump’s hat among your receivers.


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