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Merch Delivery at Disney’s Grand Hotel Californian Hotel!

Merch Delivery at Disney’s Grand Hotel Californian Hotel!

Playing off the grandeur of the great outdoors, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel treats it’s guests to the “magic of the late 19th-century Arts and Crafts movement.” American craftsman-style decor runs through the entire resort with stone and wood embellishments that welcome guests and make them feel right at home. The resort has amenities that can be enjoyed by both parents and children. Kids will be treated to a special theme park entrance and a water park at the resort. If parents are looking for alone time, the hotel also offers a Supervised Children’s Activity Center. Award-winning dining and luxurious spas are available for adults to indulge in some relaxing down time. Families can also indulge in merchandise delivery that will bring your souvenirs right to your room! A hat that we designed shows off the picturesque resort on the brim and displays the well-known name on the front. The hat is just as unique as the resort is themed! Make sure to grab your own when you make your visit to the Grand Californian Hotel!


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