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Get the First Look at the Official NBA Draft Hats for the 14 Lottery Teams

Get the First Look at the Official NBA Draft Hats for the 14 Lottery Teams

Uproxx: “The NBA Draft is just over a month away, but Tuesday night the full order of the draft will be revealed as the NBA Draft Lottery takes place to slot the order for the first 14 picks. We already know what the rest of the draft will look like, but the top of the draft is where the excitement is and for franchises like the Lakers, Celtics, Suns, Sixers, and Magic, Tuesday night could bring great news or heartbreak as they learn whether they’ll have the chance to take one of the top players in a very good draft class.

On June 22, we’ll learn where those top picks will begin their NBA careers, and most of them will be in New York for draft night to walk up on stage after Adam Silver calls their name. That is a special moment for each player, and when they get their name called they’ll be handed that team’s draft hat to put on before going up to shake the commissioner’s hand and take some pictures.

New Era now has the licensing for the draft hats, and on Tuesday, hours prior to the lottery, they released the official designs for the 14 lottery team hats that will be worn on draft night. The front features a team logo, along with the underside of the visor, while the back has the NBA logo.

You can see them all below, in alphabetical order, and if you’re so inclined, they’ll be available to purchase at the NBA Store, and Lids on June 8.”

Boston Celtics

boston-celtics-new-era-draft-cap-3 boston-celtics-new-era-draft-cap-undervisor

Charlotte Hornets

dallas-mavericks-new-era-draft-cap-3 dallas-mavericks-new-era-draft-cap-undervisor

Denver Nuggets

denver-nuggets-new-era-draft-cap-3 denver-nuggets-new-era-draft-cap-undervisor

Detroit Pistons

detroit-pistons-new-era-draft-cap-3 detroit-pistons-new-era-draft-cap-undervisor

Los Angeles Lakers

la-lakers-new-era-draft-cap-3 la-lakers-new-era-draft-cap-undervisor

Miami Heat

miami-heat-new-era-draft-cap-3 miami-heat-new-era-draft-cap-undervisor

Minnesota Timberwolves

minnesota-timberwolves-new-era-draft-cap-3 minnesota-timberwolves-new-era-draft-cap-undervisor

New York Knicks

new-york-knicks-new-era-draft-cap-3 new-york-knicks-new-era-draft-cap-undervisor

Orlando Magic

orlando-magic-new-era-draft-cap-3 orlando-magic-new-era-draft-cap-undervisor

Philadelphia 76ers



Phoenix Suns

phoenix-suns-new-era-draft-cap-3 phoenix-suns-new-era-draft-cap-undervisor

Sacramento Kings








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