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Take a Closer Look at Various Decorating Options

Take a Closer Look at Various Decorating Options

Embroidery is a decoration technique, which uses a needle and thread to create words or images on products. It is not unique to hats, though it is the most common means of decorating headwear. Embroidery can be done by hand or with a machine. Most embroidered hats are created using machines with multiple needles; each needle has it’s own thread color. Without additional needles, the machine has to be stopped and rethreaded each time the color needs to be changed, which slows down the decoration process. Take a look at all of the different embroidery options you can choose from below!

3D Embroidery

3d embroidery

Flat Embroidery


Pattern Embroidery

pattern embroidery

Chenille Embroidery

chenille embroidery


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