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A Not So Ordinary Hat

A Not So Ordinary Hat

Marquee hat 2Glow in the Dark Hat Logo

This may look like your typical baseball cap with a logo on the front, but don’t be fooled, it also has the company name underneath! We love this new idea of putting both the logo and company name on the hat, it really gives the brand/company full recognition. But here’s the best feature of all, it’s glow in the dark!….as if this hat couldn’t get any cooler, it just did! Just to show you the magic, we decided to take a picture of what the hat looks like in the dark, and we have to say, it’s pretty impressive. This is the perfect hat for night-time events!

We created this custom hat for a Marquee event. The hat features the Marquee symbol on the front and the Company name underneath the brim, pretty cool right?  Now with Captiv8 you can create custom hats like this one for company events that your guests will just love. Choose from a variety of colors, patterns, fonts and styles to give your hat an extra edge to stand out from the rest.


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